Report a death

We’re sorry for your loss.

To let us know that a member of one of the schemes has died, please complete the online form on the Administrator’s website. The form will guide you through the information we need and will help identify where any benefits are due and ensure that they are settled quickly. This will hopefully reduce any risk of temporary financial hardship and any further distress at an already difficult time.

The online form also contains links to an FAQ document and sources of external support and advice.

If you'd prefer to let us know by telephone or email, please contact the Administrators by email at or by telephone on 01737 227 566 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

If you call, we’ll ask you to confirm the following information, so please have it to hand.

Member’s National Insurance number
Member’s date of birth
Member’s address
Member’s full name (including middle names)
Date of death
Whether the deceased has a spouse or dependent children
Member’s next of kin’s name & address 
Legal representative’s contact details
Name and address of who we should write to
Whether probate is being applied for

We’ll also ask you to confirm:

Your full name and title
Your address
Your phone number
Your connection/relationship to the deceased

We’ll log this information on the member’s record and, if they were receiving their pension, the payments will stop. We’ll then issue a letter with details of the next steps.