Good news – we have added new members to our Trustee Talent Pool


You may recall in August last year, we informed you about an opportunity to join our Trustee Talent Pool (TTP). The TTP gives members a chance to learn more about the role of being a Trustee Director, in case they want to put themselves forward to be one in future. The TTP members also support our Trustee Board in running our pension schemes and bring different insights to the essential work that goes on behind the scenes.

The process to find new members to join our TTP has now concluded. There was a lot of interest in the opportunity and we would like to thank everyone who put themselves forward. We’re delighted to announce that new TTP members have now been appointed – three have been appointed by the Trustee Board (through the above process), and one has been appointed by the Company. Just like our Trustee Directors, there’s no difference in the expectations or responsibilities of the new TTP members based on how they were appointed.

These new TTP members will join the Trustee Board to make up the full Trustee team. The TTP members will work alongside the main Trustee Board and will serve in an active role in the various committees and working parties that look after members’ best interests. Whilst they are not Trustee Directors, they make a hugely valuable contribution and offer new ways of thinking to support diversity across all aspects of scheme operations.

The new TTP members are:

  • Sharon Parr
  • Bhupesh Gupta
  • Jose Espallardo
  • Darrell Ford

Effective from 1 January 2024, the new TTP members will begin participating in the many different activities that ensure good governance of our pension schemes – always with the interests of members at front of mind.

What if I’m interested in joining the TTP?

We expect to run another TTP membership campaign in the future so if you might be interested in joining the TTP next time around, look out for any notifications about opportunities to put yourself forward. All skillsets and backgrounds are welcome – our doors are open to you.